Tuesday, February 6, 2018

MGT 451

L to R: Blaize Zehren, Paul Hutchison, Zheyu Lai, Michael Latini, Dennis Miller, Sardayah Sambo

Wheel Dog Industries to be focus of Widener University capstone course

Wheel Dog Industries (WDI) is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the School of Business Administration at Widener University. During the spring semester of 2018, a group of five Management 451 Senior Project students will complete a thesis centered on WDI and its business model. This group will work closely with WDI to examine key business, economic, ethical, and environmental issues confronting our firm. The students will conduct market research, produce financial projections and feasibility studies, and develop a strategic business plan based on our organization over a 15 week period. At the end of the semester, the group will present its findings at a symposium to be held on Widener's campus. 
According to the project lead, Michael Latini, "Our purpose is to take a research based approach to gain an understanding of your industry and business. We will analyze the industry as a whole, the competition and other threats that exist, then examine the strengths and weaknesses of your business to develop a strategic business plan that will help you to meet your goals. We will also try to determine what opportunities there are for the business."
WDI will be better armed to serve you and your organization due to its involvement with the Widener SBDC and the MGT451 students at the unversity. We will make further announcements on details of the collaboration as they become available. As always, visit wheeldogindustries.com and/or email us at dmiller@wheeldogindustries.com for more information. Thank you for your continued support of our mission to help you help veterans.

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