Monday, December 18, 2017


Dennis Miller enlisted in the Marine corps in the fall of 1996 and reported to Parris Island for boot camp shortly after. After spending 13 weeks earning the title of Marine, Private First Class Miller headed to the School of Infantry to learn the fine art of locating, closing with and destroying the enemy. Lance Corporal Miller was assigned to Weapons Platoon once he got to the Fleet Marine Force and got to work. After multiple deployments (and multiple injuries to his left knee), Corporal Miller decided not to reenlist and reentered the civilian world. That lasted 10 months. Sergeant Miller reentered the FMF and was assigned to Marine Corps Base, Quantico as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor. Multiple knee surgeries later, Sergeant Miller was finally medically cleared to return to an infantry unit. Sgt Miller rotated out to a victor unit on Camp Pendleton whom he deployed with during his first year there. On that deployment, Sgt Miller was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition, He was medically evacuated from the forward-operating base and returned stateside ahead of his victor unit. Due to his laundry list of ailments, Sgt Miller began the process of medical retirement from the Marine Corps and, in 2009, he medically separated from the armed services. 

Mr. Miller moved back to the Greater Philadelphia area and shortly thereafter, began his studies at Lincoln University, utilizing his Vocational Rehabilitation entitlement . He graduated with a bachelor of science in psychology in 2015 and promptly began work in the research division of the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. While employed there, Dennis was afforded the opportunity to serve in the Wounded Warrior Fellowship program offered by the U.S. House of Representatives. Dennis was assigned to the office of Congressman Brendan Boyle and assumed control of the veteran / military constituent caseload immediately. As the fellowship evolved, so did the mandate that Dennis wanted to fulfill. In February of 2017, Mr. Miller branched out on his own, doing some spot consulting for public officials, non-profits and private companies. On November 10th, 2017 (the 242nd birthday of the USMC), Dennis established Wheel Dog Industries. The rest, as they say, is history.

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